Bosch MUM6N10UC Stand Mixer Review

Bosch MUM6N10UC Stand Mixer Review

As the years go on, you will find that more and more different types of appliances are starting to emerge for use in the kitchen. Where you only had one option when it came to cooking your food 100 years ago, you will find that you now have more options than you can count on two hands.

Not only has the number of appliances increased, but the number of subtypes of those various appliances has also increased. For example, if you are looking for a mixer, you now have to specify what kind of mixer you want. Let’s take a look at the three main mixer types that are available.

The first mixer was the manual mixer. These are still used, albeit sparingly, in some kitchens around the world thanks to their excellent degree of reliability and simplicity. While these mixers may involve a lot of work, their design (which revolves around some gears and a mixing handle) is timeless.

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer


After the manual mixer, the next natural step for these products was the electric hand mixer. These are similar to manual mixers in that they must be held while they are in use, but they function using electricity instead of manual power. This innovation made it much easier to mix larger bowls of dough and batter.

The last step in the evolution of the mixer is the stand mixer. While there are bigger mixers available, you will find that stand mixers are the most common type of large mixer that you will find yourself using at home. These mixers are far more versatile than the other options thanks to their full range of attachments.

In fact, today, we are going to be reviewing one of our favorite stand mixers. Before we do that, however, we are going to have to take a look at one of the more critical aspects to consider before you go ahead and make your purchase.


You will always want to consider the size of your mixer before you make your purchase because it will determine whether or not you are even able to use it. A stand mixer which can’t even fit on your countertop will be very difficult to use, so you will want to be careful when making a choice.

The size of your mixer is about more than whether it will fit on top of your counter, however. You will find that larger mixers are also heavier, which makes them less portable than some of the other options. If you don’t want to struggle every time you pull your mixer out of the cupboard, opt for a smaller model.

Bosch MUM6N10UC


Larger mixers will typically feature a more powerful motor, as they will feature a larger bowl. As a more powerful motor will be required to mix larger amounts of ingredients, you will have to balance your needs for power and size. Keep in mind that a larger stand mixer will also be more expensive.

If you are merely looking for a stand mixer at the lowest price possible, you may wish to opt for a smaller model so that you won't have to sacrifice build quality.

About The Bosch MUM6N10UC Stand Mixer

  • Comes equipped with four options for speed selection
  • You have greater control over your mixing with an impulse option
  • The inclusion of an 800-watt motor gives you all the power that you need
  • The open bowl design makes this product more user-friendly
  • This product is compatible with several different accessories
  • This mixer includes a dual whisk attachment as well as a dough hook
  • The inclusion of a two-piece lid allows you to feed ingredients into the mixer without getting splashed

If you want the best stand mixer around, this model from Bosch is one of the better options available. It features a design which is relatively uncommon. While this design may be relatively untested, we have found it more convenient than some of the more traditional design choices.


Of course, the first thing you will notice about this stand mixer is that it doesn’t much resemble a stand mixer. That is because of the open bowl design philosophy, which makes this model ideally suited for recipes which require ingredients to be added while you are mixing, instead of at the start.

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer PIC


This design positions the mixing head in the center of the bowl, unlike the traditional design in which it is positioned above the bowl. While this takes up a bit of space within the bowl, you will find that it makes the product so much more convenient.

In addition to a unique design, you will find that this mixer comes equipped with a pulse function and all of the accessories that you would find in most stand mixers.

The inclusion of a two-piece lid allows you to select the ideal sealing method for your chosen recipe.

What Others Say

You may be interested in what other customers have had to say about this particular model, so we took a look at some reviews. Most users were impressed by the reliability and the user-friendliness which are due to the open bowl design. While many buyers admitted that they were skeptical of the design at first, they found that it grew on them.

There were not too many negative reviews about this product except some customers who preferred the operation of mixers which are top-mounted.

Buying Advice

Just because this model doesn’t share a similar design with other high-end stand mixers, that does not mean that it does not share a similar price point. As with most quality stand mixers, you will have to pay a decent price to get your hands on this model, often in the range of 450 dollars.


If you want a quality stand mixer and you don’t mind trying out a less common design, then this model from Bosch is probably the best option that you have at your disposal. We hope that our review has been sufficiently informative for your needs.