CHEFTRONIC SM-986 Stand Mixer Review

CHEFTRONIC SM-986 Stand Mixer Review

Stand mixers are well-known amongst most home chefs because of their superior versatility when compared to other kitchen appliances. Unlike professional kitchens, home chefs often don’t have the budget or the room to make use of every different kind of appliance which may end up being needed.

If you aren’t looking to overload your cabinets with appliances and gut your bank account for the money, you have a few options. The first option is to resort to manual tools, which have the advantage of being easily stored and costing far less than electronic appliances, but they are far less convenient thanks to their manual nature.

The next option you have is to opt for a stand mixer that is capable of supporting all of the appliances that you will need. You may have seen some of the best stand mixers around, which are compatible with about twenty different attachments. These mixers are more like kitchen hubs, allowing you to do anything you need to.


While stand mixers are assuredly expensive products, you will find that their versatility and high-quality standards make them a better choice than most other kitchen appliances. In our opinion, a good stand mixer should be one of your initial investments, especially when you are first setting up your kitchen.

Of course, if you want to get the most out of your stand mixer, you will also have to purchase all of the compatible attachments that you will end up needing. While few chefs will make use of every possible attachment, they also come in sets for those of us who like to experiment in our cooking.

Keep in mind that not every stand mixer is compatible with the wide range of attachments that some are. If you find yourself needing one which is, you will want to look for the pricier options, as cheaper mixers tend to be just that: mixers.


When it comes to price, you will find that stand mixers tend to be in a weird spot. Some stand mixers can be priced at around 1000 dollars. These stand mixers tend to be at the top of the line. You will also find some models available for under 100 dollars, so there is a lot of variety in them.

Whenever you are choosing your stand mixer, you should ensure that you do not stray too far out of your budget, as you may end up regretting it. You can certainly find more affordable stand mixers that are still somewhat capable. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that price is everything.

Ease Of Use

As with any other product, you will want to ensure that your stand mixer is relatively simple to use. Some models may feature a user interface that is clean and simple, where others may have a gaggle of buttons and switches that the instruction manual is not even capable of deciphering.


If you want to get an extended period of use of out of your stand mixer, you will want to ensure that is accessible enough for you to want to use it. If it feels like a chore to use your stand mixer, it will be more likely to sit in the back of the kitchen collecting dust.

About The CHEFTRONIC SM-986 Stand Mixer

  • Features a very powerful 650 watt motor for the thickest of mixes
  • The plastic construction keeps this model’s weight down
  • Features six mixing speeds for greater control
  • Comes included with a pulse feature
  • Features a 5.5-quart bowl for decent capacity
  • Comes included with a flat beater, flex beater, dough hook, and wire whip
  • There are suction cups on the underside to maintain grip
  • Features a two-year warranty

If you want a stand mixer which combines affordability with build quality, you have few better options than this model. Made by CHEFTRONIC, you will find that this tilt top stand mixer is an excellent choice for any cook who wants to save money.


You may be surprised that this product offers tilt head mixing functionality with a 650-watt motor at such a reasonable price. There are few stand mixers which can accomplish this, but this model from CHEFTRONIC does it. While you would expect build quality to suffer in such a product, it has not.

When compared to other budget stand mixers, you will find that this product is incredibly reliable, even in spite of its plastic construction. In fact, since most of this mixer is made out of plastic, you will find that it is far lighter than much of the competition, which makes it easier to store away.

CHEFTRONIC SM-986 stand mixers

There are suction cups included on the underside of this model due to that lightweight. Where other mixers will stay rooted to the countertop due to gravity, you will have to keep this low-weight model attached by suction.

What Others Say

Other customers also had quite a bit to say about this product. Most of them were impressed by the incredible price point that this model is available for. The 650-watt motor was also praised, as it is more powerful than some of the motors that you will find on some of the more expensive models.

When it comes to negatives, some customers had issues with reliability as well as the suction cups. Some models failed but ended up replaced under warranty. The complaints about the suction cups were what you would expect, thanks to unreliability on wet surfaces and other, similar issues.

Buying Advice

If you want one of the most affordable stand mixers available, this product is the right choice, especially since it does not sacrifice quality or effectiveness to achieve that low price point. This model can be found available for about 200 dollars, or a third of the price of a similar model from another manufacturer.


As we have stated several times, this is the best budget stand mixer that you will come across. If you don’t care for name brands, or if you are looking to save some money, opt for this model from CHEFTRONIC.